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Kiwis collective identity mostly positive survey finds

Dawn Aerospace

Most Kiwis think New Zealand is a progressive and innovative country a recent Kiwibank survey has found.

The survey asked 1000 Kiwis what they thought of New Zealand’s current modern state in terms of sustainability and innovativeness.

The research from Kiwibank shows 66 percent of Kiwis believe that New Zealand is innovative, and 63 percent say the country is progressive and forward-thinking.

“Kiwis once viewed New Zealand as an agricultural hub independent from the rest of the world, where resourcefulness and an ability to problem solve were the pinnacle of our innovation and success,” says Jacqui Maguire, the country’s leading clinical psychologist.

She suggests that the research findings show that New Zealand’s collective identity is evolving into one that is tapping into the full potential of modern innovation.

“This DIY spirit served New Zealand very well prior to the fourth industrial revolution; however, globalisation and technological advancement have generated contemporary requirements for innovation such as prioritising relationships, technology intelligence and honouring sustainability.”

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The research also shows that 65 percent of Kiwis think New Zealand has a high chance of seeing international success for individuals and businesses.

Allbirds founder, Tim Brown says New Zealand still has a lot of innovation still to come.

Kiwibank puts this down to the success of New Zealand companies such as Allbirds, Dawn Aerospace, UBCO, Emirates Team New Zealand, Broods and Banqer.

“New Zealand has transformed rapidly and is no longer the country at the edge of the world waiting for new tech and innovations to reach it. Instead, it is developing creative, ground-breaking solutions itself,” says Steve Jurkovich, CE of Kiwibank.

“Brands like Allbirds and Dawn Aerospace are world-leading innovators, making an impact on the international stage and demonstrating that Kiwi creativity is reaching new heights.”

Stefen Powell, CEO and CTO of Dawn Aerospace, a company that creates reusable technologies sent into space, says that the country has a “unique role to play”.

“Our open skies and culture of innovation make us a fantastic proving ground for sustainable space technologies for the future,” he adds.

“We are a New Zealand-founded company and believe that our country will grow as a hub for innovation on the world stage.”

Tim Brown, founder of Allbirds, says New Zealand has a lot of innovation still to come.

UBCO CEO Katherine
Kiwibank considers UBCO as one of New Zealand’s successful companies.

“What was once viewed as New Zealand’s weaknesses are now its strengths – its small size and geographic distance make it the perfect market to test new products before taking them to the world,” says Brown.

Not only do the majority of Kiwis see the country as innovative and progressive, but 35 percent believe that New Zealand is at the forefront of and leaders in sustainability.

In comparison, 26 percent disagree that New Zealand is leading the way in sustainability.

“It’s interesting to see that although we have an increasingly positive outlook on New Zealand’s innovation, many still see New Zealand as behind the times when it comes to sustainability,” says Maguire.

This comes after New Zealand’s efforts in recent years to reducing carbon emissions. “This research from Kiwibank shows New Zealanders have been able to expand their perception of what it means to be Kiwi by optimising traditional Kiwi characteristics and partnering them with modern skillsets,” says Maguire.

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