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How Isthmus helped get a Newmarket retail road back in business

Among the changes to the area include a widened footpath, new native trees planted, bio-retention rain gardens placed and more outside art and seating to accommodate Teed Streets many local shoppers.

The renovations started in May of this year, road works and construction caused issued for retailers along the street who will now be enjoying the brand-new area and its possibilities.

Behind the project is architectural outfit Isthmus. As the firm says: “Newmarket’s ascendency as Auckland’s retail capital is not often disputed, but increasing pressure from other shopping destinations and online shopping led to a plan for a series of upgrades that would improve the pedestrian experience, bring greater depth to the area, and provide new opportunities for retailers. Newmarket, once a p? site, sits at the centre of a triangle of volcanic cones, and this fed the development of the design concepts for Broadway, Lumsden Green and Osborne Street. Across all projects a commonality in materials harks back to the volcanic landscape, with stone walls, reclaimed bluestone kerbs, basalt paving and simple, yet elegant, paving patterns adding quietly to the character of the area.”

The company also emphasises a need to “reclaim” and preserve heritage, through “gritty yet refined” visual qualities.

Newmarket Business Association CEO, Mark Knoff-Thomas said he is delighted with the outcome.

 “Obviously major projects like this cause noise, disruption and changes to normal routines. However, now that it’s all finished, we are very focused on getting back to normal as quickly as possible. We really want people to come and have a look and enjoy the new streetscape.

 “From a shoppers’ perspective, the footpaths are the most dramatic difference. On the northern side of the street the footpaths have gone from 1.6 metres to 3.8 metres wide, and on the north-facing southern side from 2.3 metres to 5.5 metres. This means you no longer have to squeeze past cars, so it’s definitely going to make a positive impact to the area.

 “We are very grateful to our businesses and consumersfor their patience, and hope that everyone can now get on and enjoy the upgraded street. We’re heading into the busiest shopping time of the year and think shoppers will really enjoy this new space,” said Knoff-Thomas.

Renovations will continue onwards for Newmarket as the destruction and renovation of Farmers and 277 respectively, starts this year. 

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