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Game changer coffee cup hits the market

Biodegradable packaging company Glopac has launched New Zealand’s first organically compostable coffee cup. The Christchurch-based supplier designed the cup and lid using zero plastic or PLA, and instead, used 100 percent paper-based material.

After being in the packaging industry for more than 20 years, Glopac managing director Chris Thomson says this particular cup will change the game.

“It will help stop more than 300 million cups going to landfill each year.

“There’s a lot of greenwashing around, ours is the first truly plastic-free and organically compostable cup and lid. Being plastic and PLA free means Glopac cups break down naturally, in your home compost, in a matter of weeks.”

Unlike most takeaway cups, made with a PE lining, Glopac’s organic takeaway cup has been approved by quality assurance company AssureQuality and New Zealand’s largest organic certifier BioGro.

“Glopac is the first cup I’ve seen in New Zealand, made completely from cardboard, there’s no hidden plastic in them,” says Scion general manager marketing and partnerships, Arron Judson.

Thomson adds that all other cups within the takeaway market that have labeled themselves as ‘compostable’ will only breakdown in commercial composting facilities.

“The reality is there are only a few commerical composting facilites in New Zealand that will take the cups, so millions of cups just end up in landfill.”

He says he is also working alongside paper recyclers to get the cups back for re-pulping.

Sustainable Business Network, national network manager, Dave Watson, says he and his team are extremely supportive of businesses like Glopac, who offer practical solutions, to speed up the process of a low emissions sustainable future.

The takeaway cups and lids are the first of many biodegradable and recyclable products that Glopac are planning on releasing into the market, as they aim to lead the plastic-free movement in New Zealand.

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