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Arcanum AI and Amazon Web Services create tools for small businesses

New Zealand-based artificial intelligence (AI) and automation company, Arcanum AI is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch three new virtual assistants as they expand into the US.

Arcanum AI announced a multi-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with AWS to support delivering generative AI-powered services that will increase productivity within workplaces.

Through the partnership, Arcanum AI will work to develop three AI tools that will support innovation for small businesses.

The tools will focus on helping small businesses with limited or no access to the latest technological advancements.

“This can help small businesses who are starting out or have minimal in-house AI capabilities, develop advanced solutions,” says Asa Cox, CEO of Arcanum AI.

Cox says they are working towards this after realising that 20 percent of small businesses operate on traditional back office counterparts.

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By creating easily accessible tools, they would be able to drive productivity and uncover new ways to serve customers.

Asa Cox.

“By leveraging the broadest and deepest set of AWS services and tapping on AWS’s world-leading global infrastructure, we’re one step closer to expanding our footprint internationally and making AI, generative AI, and ML technologies more accessible to our customers and support their growth,” he adds.

“We believe the value and potential of using generative AI technology is in leveraging the exceptional human capabilities we have.”

Following the development of the tools, Arcanum AI is also expanding into the US and Australia, hoping to grow the landscape of AI adoption.

With the partnership with AWS, Arcanum AI will utilise their AI and ML capabilities to make this come true and create a bridge for the digital skills gap.

“AWS is committed to making AI and ML more accessible to all organisations including startups, small businesses, and larger enterprises across all industries,” says Tiffany Bloomquist, New Zealand Country Manager and Commercial Sales of AWS,

“We’re delighted to share this same vision with Arcanum AI and support the startup to accelerate their AI innovation and empower customers to address real-world industry needs.”

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