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BoxFish rebrands with robotics focus

Kiwi technology company BoxFish Research, which makes vehicles for underwater exploration, has been renamed BoxFish Robotics to reflect its evolving focus and product line

The company, which makes a range of hovering autonomous underwater vehicles (HAUVs) and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) says the name change emphasises its commitment to underwater exploration and robotics technology.

“As Boxfish Robotics, we are delighted to announce the renaming, symbolising a transformative phase in our operations,” says company co-founder Craig Anderson. “Boxfish Robotics embodies our passion for innovation and dedication to the future of our oceans.

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“Through our advanced robotics systems, we aspire to empower researchers, explorers, and industry professionals worldwide, facilitating a deeper understanding and responsible interaction with the underwater world.”

Boxfish Robotics’ technologies have been used across various industries, including submerged asset inspection, offshore energy, marine science, expedition research vessels, aquaculture, biosecurity, and even cinematography.

Its ROVs include the inspection class Boxfish Alpha, the expeditionary class Boxfish ROV, and the versatile cinematography drone Boxfish Luna.

In collaboration with Norwegian company Transmark Subsea, it developed the autonomous AI-powered underwater resident vehicle, ARV-i, tailored to continuously monitor and inspect underwater assets for offshore industries.

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