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Don’t be OPPOsed: Reviewing OPPO’s new Find X3 Lite 5G device

As an avid iPhone user, being introduced to OPPO, in particular OPPO’s new Find X3 5G series, I was at first hesitant. However after two weeks of trialling the Find X3 Lite 5G, my eyes have been opened to a whole new dimension in regards to tech and innovation.

Unique within the smartphone market, OPPO’s vibrant use of colours and distinctive features make for a great everyday mobile you’d struggle to find something similar to. A combination of style and substance, the OPPO Find X Lite is a super-smartphone competitor taking on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and iPhone’s 12 Pro Max.

Apart from its swish design, the Find X3 Lite also holds 128GB of storage for all your apps and goodies, with a handful of third party apps like Netflix, Facebook and WPS Office already preinstalled. The feature that I personally found the most attractive however, is the incredible battery life and charging time. Better yet, the impeccable front camera I have been persistently taking selfies on.

Before purchasing a phone, it is useful to have a thorough understanding of what you’ll be getting, which is why I have rounded up six qualities of the Find X3 Lite I think are seriously worth noting down.

For reasons as to why this product should be considered for your next cellular device, I do encourage you to read on.


To start off, lets talk about the design. The Find X3 Lite can be purchased in a matte finish in ‘Starry Black’ or ‘Astral Blue’, the matte models are made of a multilayered polymer which makes for an easy grip due to its slightly roughened surface. Thanks to its IP52 certification, the phone is protected against dust and spraying water, and has a pre-installed glass screen protector to keep it safe. A feature my clumsy self was very thankful for.

The most striking feature on the phone’s glass front is the 32 MP camera, while the back boasts a quad camera setup that protrudes by about two millimetres.


In terms of the camera, users will be pleased to find features similar to other smartphones, however will be intrigued with what else the Find X3 Lite has to offer.

The 64 MP quad lens back camera has the typical video, photo, portrait options, however if you click on the ‘more’ setting, you can access features like panorama, time-lapse, slow-mo, macro lens and others you wouldn’t necessarily find on an iPhone. Additionally, the back camera has an AI Scene Enhancement tool which can boost certain colours in your photo to make them appear more vibrant. It also has a night mode feature that is perfect for shooting a variety of shots at different exposure levels.

On the flip side, the front camera is a game changer for taking selfies. With a 32 MP and incredible quality, I was almost scared at how clear my face was. Jokes aside, the front camera really is one of the phone’s best features, and like the back camera, allows for night mode, portrait mode and more.

In comparison to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, with a 12 MP front camera, the Find X3 Lite really is on another level.

Battery Life

Okay, I’m not dogging on the iPhone, I do appreciate many of its qualities, but my iPhone 7 Plus that I charged all of last night is now at a miserable 37 percent of battery and it’s only 2:15pm. My Find X3 Lite however, which I also charged over night, is at 70 percent. Enough said.

The Find X3 Lite has a 4300mAh battery with 65W fast charging, meaning it will keep you going all day long and can be charged in well under an hour. It shows no issues whatsoever when it comes to power consumption, and its rates match the average of all smartphones with a Snapdragon 765G SoC pretty accurately.


Personalisation is a big attraction for many mobile users, as we tend to like our posessions to reflect us in some sort of way. The Find X3 Lite, ive found, has more customisation options than your stock android. Its ‘Personalisation’ section, within the device’s settings, allows users to fiddle around with things like icon style, app layout, font, display size and wallpapers. You can even change up your fingerprint animation, so that when you use your finger to access your phone, a small animated firework can go off. Epic.

An incredibly sexy feature that I’ve also made sure to utilise is the ‘edge lighting’ setting, which lights up the edges of your phone in lustful neon colours whenever you receive a notification.

There are many more customising tools to be used across the device, however these were the ones that caught my attention the most.


A major selling point for me is the phone’s ringtones and notifications, custom designed by renowned composer Hans Zimmer, who has created iconic scores for films like Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Dark Night.

While the phone’s general sound packs a punch, another feature, the ‘Dolby Atoms’ section, allows you to adjust the sound to fit exactly what you’re doing. If you’re watching a movie, you can adjust the sound to real 3D surround sound with powerful bass, if you’re gaming you can access a broad sound field with rich bass, and If you’re listening to music you can adjust the sound to vibrant and balanced.


Last is the Find X3 Lite’s display. The display of this device is amazing due to its 90Hz refresh rate which makes for extremely smooth scrolling, browsing and watching videos. Additionally, the colours on screen are so vibrant that whether you’re watching Netflix, YouTube, or scrolling through your camera roll, everything on your screen is going to look incredible.

In terms of software, you get the latest android 11 paired with Colour OS 11.1, changing up the entire look and vibe of the phone. The Apps tray at the bottom of the screen is handy for quickly accessing apps, while the swipe down option at the top of the screen does the same for accessing notifications.

Other quirky features include the ‘motions’ setting, where you can swipe down with three fingers to take a screenshot, flip to mute incoming calls, and automatically switch from speaker to receiver when holding the phone near your ear.

The touchscreen overall responds quickly and precisely to inputs, and provides a fast usage experience together with the Snapdragon 765G. The Find X3 Lite’s fingerprint sensor integrated into the display, and the facial recognition feature work just as quickly.

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