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Disrupting the health care industry

New Zealand’s top medical technology brand Manage My Health, has recently appointed Chemistry to develop a new and improved brand and customer strategy.

With almost one million users, Manage My Health is New Zealand’s most popular digital health portal used through its partner network of GPs and medical practices. Manage My Health, until recently, was part of Medtech, the country’s most successful Medical Technology business, until its founder, Vino Ramayah sold the twenty-year-old company to focus on reinventing digital patient healthcare.

“The pace of Healthcare innovation globally is incredibly exciting, and our vision is for Manage My Health to be at the forefront of the democratisation of health,” says Ramayah.

“We want to make it simple and easy for Kiwis to feel more in control of their health and in doing so inspire New Zealander’s to live more healthily.”

The brand’s platform and app allow members to have an engaged and proactive relationship with their GP and other healthcare providers. Kiwis will be able to fully access their medical history and use a range of cutting-edge technologies to proactively manage personal health and wellbeing.

With almost one million users and thousands joining every week, Ramayah hopes that his members’ digital health experiences are the best in the world.

“Manage My Health is about empowering  you through technology to make the best choice for yourself and family. Whether it is in respect of illness or wellness or knowledge. It puts choice at your finger tips.”

Chemistry founder and director, Mike Larmer, says data driven technologies will take patient engagement to a new level.

“The shift towards consumer centric healthcare is accelerating and Covid-19 has been instrumental in putting health management front of mind for most,” says Larmer.

“It’s exciting to see a Kiwi company like Manage My Health at the front of this global evolution.”

Chemistry has worked on business and strategy practices with some of New Zealand’s largest energy, automotive, financial and technology brands like Z Energy, Jaguar Land Rover, State and AMI Insurance and Samsung.

The appointment with Manage My Health is effective immediately and there is no incumbent agency.

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