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CarbonClick’s new e-commerce platform gives consumers the power to fight against climate change

As the fight towards climate change grows, Kiwi tech company CarbonClick has recently launched its e-commerce platform that lets retailers add a green button to their store which gives customers the power to offset their purchase at checkout.

The rise in climate conscious consumers is behind the rapid uptake of CarbonClick’s platform which saw over 450 businesses in 31 countries install a carbon offset plugin. The business model was given the nod of approval by the market after a recent round of capital raising was over subscribed, raising $1.8 million.

CarbonClick CEO Dave Rouse says climate change is reffered to as the nuclear free movement of our generation, with new research showing consumers are desperate to do their bit.

“CarbonClick gives every person a simple way to make a meaningful contribution to the battle against climate change. While many companies around the world are working actively on solutions, what’s unique about CarbonClick is that when you press the Green Button you help fund intergenerational projects that will have a long term impact on combating climate change.”

Through the e-commerce platform, consumers are able to see what projects their contribution is helping to fund. The projects are made up of the very best gold standard projects that will have a long term impact, including the planting of native tress in Taranaki and wind farm projects offshore.

These offsets will contribute to the planting of hundreds of thousands of trees over the next year, protecting jobs, creating future eco-tourism job opportunities and beautiful spaces for future generations to enjoy.

CarbonClick has worked hard over the past 12 months refining its revolutionary technology and have ambitious plans both in New Zealand and international markets.

“We are very optimistic about the future for both the business and the planet. Our team has set a target to drawdown 100,000 tonnes of carbon over the next 12 months by partnering with some of the biggest e-commerce retailers in the world.

“The more offsets are made at checkout, the more we are supporting important climate change projects that remove carbon in our precious atmosphere.”

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