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A win-win for real estate: Local startup invites agents to bid to win listings

Launching into the real estate industry, local start up MyPitchlist is a two-sided digital platform that allows sellers to put their property up for pitch and invite local agents to bid to win it as a new listing.

Sellers will be able to have full transparency on the agent’s commission rates, sales history, and recommendations, saving them time and letting them control their own decision-making progress. Co-founders and co-managing directors of MyPitchlist, Regan Grafton and Julie Spedding, began building the platform following the scale of Spedding’s home. She explains the process of selling her first home was a major learning curve.

“Kiwis pay some of the highest commission fees in the world, and many people don’t realise that these fees, along with marketing costs, can be negotiable.

“They just need to know where to start and be given the confidence to do so. My Pitch List addresses this by giving sellers an easy to use platform to compare agents and choose the best one for them.”

MyPitchlist co-founders, Regan Grafton and Julie Spedding

Research has shown that 74 percent of Kiwi property sellers only talk to one agent in their home selling process and 50 percent of sellers found it difficult or didn’t know, that you could search real estate agent fees. 84 percent of Kiwis have said they would like to look around for an agent but they don’t have the time.

Grafton says sellers are wanting better rates from agents, however are uncomfortable negotiating commission and marketing fees in person.

“My Pitch List takes away the awkwardness of the interaction when choosing an agent. We’re aiming to put the power into the hands of the sellers,” he says.

Sellers are able to access MyPitchlist for free and posting a property only takes a minute. Agents can then choose from a range of subscription fees, which will then give them the ability to pitch to win listings, land business and ultimately grow their network.

Serko CEO, Darrin Grafton, says the platform is set to disrupt a sector that hasn’t changed in decades and is a true win win scenario for both sellers and agents.

“MyPitchlist arms sellers with the knowledge to make an educated decision as well as reducing their commission fees. And secondly, creates a new pipeline of business for agents.”

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