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New app empowers everyday people to fight climate change

An app to empower everyday people to become a part of the global effort against climate change is being developed in New Zealand. 

TreeTime, a new tree planting non-profit enterprise, is developing an innovative app that will utilise new drone software to enable donors to track their tree’s journey from seed to maturity. 

The app gives assurance to users that each contribution is truly making a difference. Those who donate $9 NZD to sponsor a tree will be able to follow the growth of their individual tree over the course of 50-plus years through the app.

TreeTime is the passion project of Auckland lawyer Nick Muir, a millennial-driven to empower people across the globe to contribute towards leaving a lasting, positive legacy on the planet and help prevent irreversible anthropogenic damage.

“We have the vision to make TreeTime the world’s leading tree-planting non-profit platform,” explains TreeTime co-founder and CEO Nick Muir.

“After working on this for more than 12 months, I’m excited to finally unveil this sustainable and engaging way for people to participate in planting robust forests on a large scale here in New Zealand.”

The app development is well underway, and funds raised from a future crowdfunding campaign will be applied to the development of the drone software. 

“We have exclusive access to unique geo-positioning software which will enable app users to follow the journey of their unique trees – TreeTime supporters will know exactly where their contribution is going and receive regular updates on the growth of tree,” says Nick.

When people purchase a tree via the TreeTime app, planting coordinates are assigned to each tree and users receive a unique ‘BarkCode’. The app then links to drone technology that surveys TreeTime’s forests and uploads video footage to the TreeTime database. Individual photos of the trees tracked via the BarkCodes are then automatically sent to that tree’s sponsor. 

Every six months TreeTime photos will be shared with each app user so they can see their tree’s progress and rest easy knowing their tree is still alive and sequestering CO2. 

The app is being developed by Auckland-based digital studio transformative, and Qual IT, New Zealand information technology and quality assurance company, who have approached this project with a shared passion, and who have gone above and beyond to ensure the TreeTime platform reaches its full potential. 

Nick, who plans to put his legal career on hold in order to focus solely on the smooth delivery of TreeTime’s vision, wishes to thank donors in advance for their support.

“We’re all in this together and share the same future on this planet. We’ve designed the app so that anyone anywhere can do their part in protecting our earth,” says Nick, who has engaged his sister Celine Muir’s expertise in marketing and not-for-profits to assist at TreeTime. 

The TreeTime app calculates daily the level of CO2 the user’s tree has absorbed and references that in-app to everyday human CO2 emitting activities such as driving a car and consuming livestock-oriented products.

TreeTime users can also earn in-app trophies based on their achievements, place on a community leaderboard and share their progress to social media. 

Find out more at treetimeapp.com

This article was originally published on good.net.nz and is reproduced with permission.

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