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Exercise innovation: Auckland CBD welcomes EMS boutique studio

Gone are the days where you would spend between one and two hours frantically sprinting on the treadmill or joining in on a Les Mils bodypump class just to work off the cheese scroll you had for lunch. There’s a new contender on the exercise scene, which takes just 20 minutes to deliver a highly effective workout and comes with its own boutique-style training studio. Say hello to EMS.

EMS is an electro muscle stimulation. It is training that produces frequency electric impulses that activate up to 90 percent of the body’s muscles during a 20-minute session. To sum it up, you could do a 90-minute high-intensity gym workout in only a third of the time.

As many Kiwis try to juggle work-life and their health, this new style of training provides a time-efficient workout in a naturally socially-distanced and hygienic environment.

Founder and managing director of EMS studio ‘fu/nis’, Catrina Kuehler, says EMS breaks all preconceptions of personal training experiences and is a great contributor not only to physical health but mental health.

“As we provide everything from the gear, to water, to towels, you’re in and out in 30 minutes, having achieved a complete workout. Each session is also guided by an experienced Personal EMS Trainer who ensures you are challenged every time.”

Nestled conveniently on O’Connell street, fu/nis studio boasts a clean, Scandanavian-inspired fit-out, with a capacity of training only two people at a time for a private and non-judgemental experience. Everything from towels to water is provided, meaning guests can show up to train with nothing but themselves.

“With the new studio in the CBD it’s even easier to pop in for a 20-minute workout, and yet another reason to give it a go,” says Kuehler.

“You’re in and out in 30 minutes, having achieved a complete workout. Each session is also guided by an experienced personal EMS trainer who ensures you are challenged every time.”

fu/nis is one of only two EMS studios in New Zealand, and the only of its kind in Auckland. Health benefits from EMS training include weight loss, improved toning, strength gain, posture and back pain relief, and better mental health.

Kuehler first came across EMS after being introduced to the technology by a friend back in 2010. At that stage, EMS training was fairly new to the German market and not as readily available as now where there are 50 studios in a city similar in size to Auckland. With her wedding drawing close and unhappy with her appearance Kuehler was up to trying anything.

“With a mere 3x 20min- session I managed to achieve my personal goals and felt amazing. I was intrigued by the effectiveness and efficiency and I used the training afterward to supplement my personal fitness routine. Being a corporate warrior, with a busy private life, the time-saving aspect was just what I needed.”

The equipment itself was produced by market leader Miha Bodytec, a German company with a long history in creating technical sports equipment. The EMS equipment is not only DIN certified, but FDA approved, with all R&D, testing, and production of the equipment executed in HQ, Germany.

Don’t be put off by the intense-looking machines, each session is tailored to a person’s needs and goals and is suitable for anyone from beginners, to those recovering from injuries, to athletes looking to strengthen their performance.

After introducing EMS to New Zealand, Kuehler foresees the trend settling in the fitness market, due to similarities of our society to other Western countries where EMS training soars.

“We look forward to welcoming Aucklanders to our new training space so they can improve their health whilst easily balancing exercise with all of life’s other commitments in a safe and socially-distanced format.” 

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