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Contagion helps Kiwis return home with cutting edge technology

With the impact of covid-19 seeing many travellers return to their homeland, Auckland-based creative and media agency contagion have introduced cutting edge technology and data to reach Kiwis living abroad.

Founded in 2009 by Bridget and Dean Taylor, Contagion was created with the support of Tourism New Zealand when it needed an integrated media agency to transform the brand from analogue to engaging brand stories.

Dean Taylor says Contagion has been Tourism New Zealand’s media company since 2009 and they are now putting their expertise of digitally channeling Kiwis who are interested in anything about their country to focusing on Kiwis wanting to return home.

“We have incredible digital technology and data at our fingertips that means not only can we reach Kiwis anywhere in the world, but we can also reach other people who might be looking to settle in New Zealand. 

“That data shows us there are thousands and thousands of Kiwis who now want to come home for good because they feel safe here, they know their family will be safe, and the global job market is still accessible from our shores.”

For Kiwis wanting to return home, Contagion is working alongside businesses, real estate agents and property developers, to help target expats via their web behaviour.

“We can see how old they are, what they earn, how many kids they have, where they have lived, what their favourite websites are. For the property market in particular, this means we can serve up New Zealand properties that are exactly in their price bracket and fit their lifestyle,” Dean said. 

“Kiwi real estate companies can serve the ads and video content to people even if they are looking at their phone while they’re hiking in Scotland or drinking coffee in Seattle. They can sell people real estate before they even get here.”

Although the cutting edge technology would seem impossible a decade ago, now it is extremely accessible. Dean says the data is incredibly helpful for both the businesses using the technology and the people receiving the content on their mobile phones.

“It all helps in making sure we help Aotearoa win. This is what really matters particularly during these times. That’s the big opportunity for us all. 

“Just this week our team saw UK-based Kiwis viewing the livestream tour of a property in Devonport. The agent held the camera so the couple could see it and hear the commentary live – that’s an incredible selling tool that smashes distance and makes this kind of marketing effort really effective.”

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