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Idealog #68, the Technology Issue, out now!

You can buy a copy of the Tech Issue here for $15, or sign up for an annual subscription here.

If you need a little more convincing, read on for a breakdown of what’s inside the latest issue.

  • Read editor Elly Strang’s editorial explaining the issue’s theme, ‘new heights’, here

– Our cover features a 3D illustration of what New Zealand’s prosperous, tech-led future could look like if it reached New Heights, created by Guangyu Li and animated to be an AR cover by Staples VR. Read how the collaboration between Idealog, Staples VR and Guanyu Li came about here

New cover is baller.

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 – Outgoing NZTE North American regional director and serial entrepreneur Claudia Batten shares 25 predictions, worries, wants and improvements for the future of New Zealand tech.

– Co-CEOs of Godfrey Dadich and producers of Netflix series Abstract: The Art of Design Scott Dadich and Patrick Godfrey talk making design inclusive, the future of the tech sector, and more.

– Google Empathy Lab founder Danielle Krettek sits down for a chat with Elly Strang about bringing a humanised approach to the fore of tech, whether machines will ever feel empathy, and more.

– In the second part of an ongoing series, Vend founder Vaughan Rowsell talks designing the future, and how technology will transform our lives even more than it already has in present day.

– In a collaboration of epic proportions, we asked some friends of the Idealog family, including Giapo, Guangyu Li and Staples VR, to use tech to take their craft to new heights. These were the results.

– Anna Bradley-Smith looks at extinction in New Zealand and the innovative Kiwi businesses trying to fix this problem. 

– We have a chat with Titanic and Avatar director James Cameron and Rocket Lab’s Peter Beck about exploring new frontiers: the deep ocean and space.

– Ben Mack looks at whether technology can be harnessed to revitalise te reo M?ori as a language.

– Facing the iceberg: Findlay Buchanan examines one education futurist’s efforts to transform the New Zealand education system.

– We take an in-depth look at the 2018 TIN Report and all the latest findings about the technology sector. 

– Our Urban section showcasing the latest thinking and execution in urban design and development is back and chock-full of inspiring ideas and individuals, including Damien Van Brandenburg, Stephen Voyle, Craig Nevill-Manning and more.

Plus a bunch of other content we didn’t mention here. Well, what are you waiting for? Get your subscription today

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