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InternetNZ’s Jordan Carter on the future of internet freedom (listen)

Top image: InternetNZ chief executive Jordan Carter

The Great Firewall of China. Russia requiring all web services to store the data of Russian citizens on servers within the country, or risk running afoul of the seemingly all-powerful Roskomnadzor (????????????). Authoritarian governments shutting down certain websites, social networks, or much of the internet entirely during times of unrest or to stifle criticism of the government. The increasingly acrimonious Net Neutrality debate in the US.

The point is this: internet freedom is under threat. Yet New Zealand – with a long tradition of freedom of speech and expression, and laws that uphold those – is in a much better position than most places, according to InternetNZ chief executive Jordan Carter. 

Yet challenges still remain. And with the nation’s copyright laws expected to be reviewed this year, there could be some big implications for businesses. Check out the podcast below to hear more – including about some of the interesting work InternetNZ does.

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