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Idealog Podcast: Intela’s Asa Cox on Farrago and “unsexy” (but still very cool) AI

Top image: Intela CEO Asa Cox

It’s a fact maybe somewhat less known than that the sky is blue, but no less true: every organisation has messy databases of one kind or another. And, of course, this messy data is a pain. What’s worse, messy data creates bad customer experiences, causes delays in software migration projects and stops machine learning from being deployed. It’s very frustrating, no?

The folks at Wellington-based Intela know it well. So that’s why they’ve created Farrago. Currently in the beta stage – but open for people to sign up for – Farrago essentially uses AI to take the pain out of organising and staying on top of data. Designed for organisations of all sizes, some of Intela’s clients already include the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and New Zealand Police. As the company claims, “we exist because there is a global shortage of data science, the backbone of artificial intelligence.”

Asa Cox.

Intela CEO Asa Cox recently took the time to chat with Idealog digital editor Ben Mack about Farrago, “unsexy” AI, the importance of data, where we’re going with AI and whether robots will replace us all, why the company continues to be based in Wellington, lessons learned that might be helpful to other entrepreneurs, and more. Have a listen.

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