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AI demystified

The Government innovation agency’s world-class scientists and engineers are specialists across a range of capabilities. They help businesses to take advantage of innovation and technology, to grow and diversify and, ultimately, to create more jobs. “We hope this new series will provide a useful tool to showcase key technology areas in visual content forms that are more easily understood by our customers and the public,” National Technology Networks manager Jesse Keith says. “The world of innovation and technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and it is critical that our customers are aware of the amazing innovation that is possible with these technologies when they are planning their innovation strategies.”

The first edition of the series is an infographic on Artificial Intelligence (AI) – computer systems that exhibit human-like intelligence. This technology offers an extraordinary opportunity and challenge for New Zealand’s future, and Kiwi companies need to be quick to get onboard, Keith says. “We are working with a small host of start-ups that recognise the need to swiftly embrace AI. One example is Booktrack, which uses artificial intelligence to create movie-style soundtracks in eBooks and audiobooks. Like a movie playing in your head, these soundtracks make the story come to life.”

The AI infographic aims to demystify what is a much-talked-about much-hyped technology area. It breaks AI down into sub components and explains which technologies are ready to utilise now and which will be ready in the future. “We hope it will give Kiwi businesses greater confidence to engage with the topic of AI,” says Keith. “And that our customers find the infographic series a useful conversation starter about future tech. We want to help demystify this complex area for industry so that it can better understand and embrace the opportunities within.”

One thing’s for sure: the infographics are pretty informative. You can check them out here.

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