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Coming out of the R9 Accelerator

Well, here we are. Demo Day has come and gone and the verdict is in.

Unfortunately my team, Co centric, didn’t get approval to continue into the due diligence phase of the R9 Accelerator. Demo Day’s pitch panel felt that we hadn’t done enough thinking about our proposal.  

They aren’t wrong. We spent waaaaaaay too long exploring the problem space and dealing with how we could work together, losing precious time in the process. Our team dynamics added a layer of difficulty that we just couldn’t get past in time.

But our effort wasn’t wasted, and I’m proud of how much we actually did manage to achieve.

Now, after we have had time to get over the initial shock and to take some time to reflect and unwind, we are back to our optimistic selves.

We feel that the rate we got traction shows we are onto something that really could work and bring value to people, once we flesh it out some more. Two of us will be using our spare time to do just that, and hope to share our progress with you in the near future.

I had planned to reflect on what I took away from the programme, but the things that I have learned with so much blood, sweat and tears seem trite when I try to write them down.

Like how teams can make or break startups in their infancy. And the importance of taking the time to think instead of jumping to solutions or giving in to environmental pressures. How some advice is good, and how some is well meant but detrimental to the process.

These truths are now embedded into my bones.  

Overall, it’s been epic. The people I’ve met have been fantastic, and the experience has been invaluable. I’m looking forward to seeing where everyone from my cohort ends up, and how the Result 9 Programme manages to scale this experience into something that will work across government. Exciting times!

Check out the videos from Demo day – the 2Shakes team won the people’s choice award for best presentation, but I think everyone did really well. Feel free to get in touch, if that appeals. And most of all wish us luck! As we step forward into the lull after the R9 Accelerator storm, hoping to create something wonderful.

That’s it from me today. 

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