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Wish we’d thought of that: solar-charging smartphone display

It’s about time solar power technology made it onto a device that most of us can’t live without, our beloved smartphones.

Sunpartner Technologies has teamed up with Japanese tech giant Kyocera to create a prototype smartphone with a solar-charging display. Yes, you heard correctly, display.

Using a 0.55mm Sunpartner Wysips display (What You See Is Photovoltaic Surface) that sits below the touch screen, the phone can convert three minutes of sunlight into one minute of talk time through an ultra-thin photovoltaic layer.

The display can be fitted onto any smartphone during production with little effect on the screens overall visual appearance, as it has 85 percent transparency.

While only a prototype has been made so far, it’s hoped an improved design may eventually replace electrical charging completely.

And considering smartphones have practically become an extension of the human arm, we’re sure punters will lap up the technology.   

And while we’re at it, here’s some other cool solar-powered products/inventions

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The possibilities are endless..

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