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Do not disturb: The ErgoQuest Zero Gravity Workstation

I mean look at this thing

Nevertheless, we hereby take it all back, because we’ve just found out about the ErgoQuest Zero Gravity Workstation, the awesomest, laziest solution to the burden of remaining upright you’ve ever seen.

Everyone knows sitting at a desk for eight to ten hours a day sucks – it’s spine distorting, soul-destroying, life-ruining madness – and no-one in their right mind would invent it if it wasn’t already a thing.  

Well set your faces to stun, because now, for a mere US$5,000 to US$16,000, you can literally lie down on the job.

The ErgoQuest Zero Gravity Workstation allows the effortley-disinclined to enjoy at-the-dentist-style horizontality instantly, whether at the office, at home or in the club.

Looks pretty sweet, right? It’s the La-Z-Boy for the new millennium, with a high-tech aesthetic and a bunch of customisable options.

Ergoquest have a range of other lazy/worky products too. Treadmill desks (nope), sit/stand desktop systems (meh) and over-bed workstations (bingo!).

Shut up and take my money

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