Tech of the Week: A levitating light bulb

Tech of the Week: A levitating light bulb
If all that Back to the Future II nostalgia is anything to go by, people are still pretty entranced by things that hover.

You could ride a hover board or stream music to your levitating speaker, or you could fill your home with levitating light bulbs.

Sure, a you could buy a boring home-brand light bulb that has to be plugged in for 60c, or you could pre-order this amazing levitating source of illumination for 300-and-something-dollars on Kickstarter. Look! It's magic!

You turn it on and off just by touching the wooden base. Oh, and you can spin it around to make a cool lighting effect. And did we tell you it lasts for 22 years? Well, it does, so you can justify it as a sustainable, buy-once-buy-right kind of purchase if that floats your boat (only $14 a year!).