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Tech of the Week: the hoverboard that broke a Guinness World Record

It isn’t some marketing campaign for Back to the Future memorabilia, a device that’s barely out the lab at best, or even a Funny-or-Die skit we so wished to be true – it’s an actual, fully functioning hoverboard.

Or octocopter-board, more like, or maybe even some Green Goblin technology from Spider Man. Using the same mechanical build as you would a copter-drone, propellers spinning beneath the board lifts it with such force that the inventor of the device, Catalin Alexandru Duru, has had to test it over water.

“The prototype can be used anywhere, but is usually tested over water because of how dangerously high it can fly (which is ironic considering that the movie joked that it can’t),” Duru writes in the video’s blurb.

Shot at Lake Quareau in Quebec, Canada on 25 August 2014, the video was only released last week, and sees Duru travelling on the hoverboard a full 275.9m. It’s a record that is more than five times longer than what he had to make to break the previous record (50 meters).

In the footage, Duru reaches a height of 5 meters, and travels in a stabilised and controlled fashion. It appears he controls the prototype by shifting his bodyweight back and forth.

While this is just a prototype, and one entirely built by Duru, it’s an indication of where we are and what we can do with the technology. No details have been released on materials or how he built the device, nor any information on whether it will become a commercialised product, but we think this might just become the next extreme sport.

As one of our journalists said today – “just imagine getting to work in one of those things!”

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