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Mobile wallets come to New Zealand

The system, called Semble, is a form of ‘contactless payment’, with customers holding their smartphone near a contactless terminal until an ‘accepted payment’ notification appears. The transaction is then complete.

The app works via with the addition of a Semble Ready secure SIM card, housing a chip that is like those used in credit and debit cards.

The product is a result of cross-industry collaboration which includes 2degrees, Spark and Vodafone, banking partners ASB and BNZ and payments network Paymark.

Rob Ellis, Semble CEO, says the collaboration is unique, not only here, but on a global scale.

“Other mobile wallets have launched around the world, but Semble is the first to present a united front, with many industry leaders working together. Semble is a tremendous achievement for New Zealand.”

“[W]hat we are launching today with payments is just the beginning. We look forward to welcoming many more service providers to the Semble marketplace, including more banks as well as loyalty cards, public transport cards, ticketing, offers, vouchers and much more.”

Snapper has been announced today as the first new partner, which from June will see Snapper card holders able to use their smartphones to access public transport. 

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