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Tech of the Week: The James Bond LaserWatch that you’d kill to wear

He’s created the wrist-mounted rocket launcher from Iron Man and a Spiderman “webshooter” that fires a miniature harpoon, but German inventor Patrick Priebe has taken the blowing-things-up mantra to a whole new level with the latest gadget in his arsenal: a laser watch capable of burning a hole in plastic.

CEO of Laser Gadgets, Priebe specialises in producing an array of laser-based gadgets, many often from pop culture and sci-fi worlds. The inventions all have a high-powered laser that is extremely dangerous, and as the demo video included below has shown Priebe burning through a number of objects. It also has the potential to seriously damage flesh.

These inventions are on the whole most definitely not for sale, as he’s said to both CNet and Gizmag, but the LaserWatch may become an exception to the rule.

The watch is built from a machined metal body, a clear-coated carbon fibre face, a salvaged LED watch module and, most importantly, a 1,500-milliwatt laser that can pop balloons, light matches, and burn through duct tape.

It can be activated with the press of a small button on the bottom of the watch, and a lithium-polymer battery that’s built in to the wrist strap provides power. However, Priebe says that the battery drains very quickly – 5 to 10 minutes of use – as the laser is so high-powered.

There are currently no plans to mass-market the LaserWatch according to Priebe, but if it did come to production it would cost “way over” US$300 (NZ$380). However, the watch may be available through customer order on his website like a number of his other inventions.

It might be worthwhile picking one of these things up if you’re expecting to run into a spot of trouble at the next occasion you’re on your way to meet your closest neighbour-hood friendly dictator or mad scientist-cum-villain.

Just so you can free yourself in case you get in to a bit of a bind.

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