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Patents are a virtue: Digitising medical data

AJ Park patent specialists Anton Blijlevens and Jillian Lim touch on an interesting patent to look out for on the shelves.

Smart card for medical data

Here’s a smart device that the inventor says could potentially replace both medical bracelets as well as written prescriptions.

The smart card, described in US 8,805,702 and issued to Daniel, I., has an element which receives a biometric feature of the user. This could be the user’s fingerprint, hand geometry, retina or voice, for example. The card also has a processor which verifies that the biometric feature is valid. Importantly, there is also a sensor which determines if the card is within a predetermined distance range from the client server computer (for example, the pharmacy’s computer).

If the biometric feature is valid, and the card (and therefore the user) is in range, the card then releases a detachable prescription element (106). In one example, this is a USB stick which is detached and can then be plugged into the pharmacy’s computer.

The proximity sensor provides a secondary level of authentication, as it ensures that the user is in range so that the medical care provider can authenticate the identity of the user.

This smart card sounds like a handy solution for storing sensitive data, but also allowing quick access and secure sharing of the data when required. 


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