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Eight Wire cloud solution heads for the US

A New Zealand-based data management startup aiming to revolutionise the way businesses move data to the cloud has just launched in the US after a whirlwind 11 months in its own backyard.

The benefits of an automated cost effective and secure data migration tool was once just the banter of two frustrated IT consultants.

Fed up with the unwieldy and time-consuming machinations involved with getting the data stored in one software programme up into a cloud-based system, Jason Gleason and Nigel Thomas decided to come up with their own solution.

Their company, Eight Wire, based out of the Creative HQ incubator in Wellington, is taking its first tool, Conductor, to the competitive US market.

In essence, Conductor compares source and destination data, maps it together and automatically fixes mismatched data entry problems as it goes.

Eight Wire co-founder and director Jason Gleason says unlike competitors’ products, Conductor doesn’t require users to have any specialist coding knowledge or to manually intervene.

“All over the world, admins and analysts are spending weeks building data feeds from scratch. This process is risky, time consuming and outdated.”

Gleason says in their 35 years of business intelligence consulting he and Thomas had worked on project after project that ran into the same problems.

“We didn’t really see anyone making improvements so we thought we would.”

The pair drew up a list of “pain” points such as difficulty translating between databases, flexibly handling data mismatches and the need to build every solution from scratch.

“Conductor is an answer to each of those [issues] and more, allowing your IT staff to focus on real problems,” says Gleason

Along with simplicity of use, Conductor boasts “blazing fast” operations and lowered costs.

“A recent customer moved 650 tables and 1 million rows in 15 minutes. The estimate of the effort required to manually build the data migration and integration solution was eight weeks.

“Development costs can be lowered by 80% and support costs can be lowered by as much as 60% using Conductor.”

The tool has already gained approval in New Zealand, with three customers from retail, manufacturing and health care under Eight Wire’s belt and others involved in trials.

Now the company is expanding beyond our borders. Eight Wire is working with Trans-Tasman IT company WalkerScott and is now a support partner for Dallas-based data management company HUGEData.

“We wanted to get into US as early as we could,” says Gleason.

“It’s such a massive market with so many companies and so many areas to work with that we thought the sooner we could get a foot in there the better.”

Gleason says they made sure to really verify everything at home before going to the US.

This included ensuring the data of their Kiwi customers stayed in New Zealand and the data of US customers stayed in the US.

For further security, the data is encrypted and not kept after it’s processed. 

Gleason says Eight Wire will be pitching to angel investment groups soon to fund further growth.

Eight Wire | Ingenious Data Integration from jason gleason on Vimeo.

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