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The Wrap: 9 July

Robots to the rescue of media

Today’s writers struggle under a growing pile of news noise and a shrinking number of humans to sort it all out. The Associated Press recently came up with an answer in the form of tech, made by Automated Insights, to automate the production of company earnings pieces. Poynter reports AP’s managing director Lou Ferrara as saying that won’t mean job cuts, but a new model to create double the amount of journalism.

Glass by remote

We all know there’s no way around looking a little silly wearing Google Glass. But among the accessories springing up for the augmented reality eyewear is Remotte, a way to control Google’s device by remote control.

Remotte pairs to Google Blass over Bluetooth and functionality is controlled using the Remotte touchpad. You can take a picture or record video by using the centre button, and developers can make new Glassware that taps into the real time data gathered by the accelerometer, gyroscope, pressure and temperature sensor built into the Remotte.

A job and a pint

Ironically-named Irish drinking hole Sober Lane recently found a novel way to recruit its next batch of staff members, restricting applicants to using Snapchat. “Sober Lane D4 now hiring, applications via SnapChat only “SoberLaneD4. Make an impression if you want a profession,” the pub tweeted. Owner Ernest Cantillon was apparently trying to cash in on the importance of first impressions, saying his hiring strategy would give potential hires only 10 seconds to sell themselves.

The real deal

>Therealreal.com has cornered the market on luxury consignments sold online and now it’s branching out with an app to tell users what luxury brands are actually worth at resale. Realbook allows searches by brand name or product type, which return an estimated price range. You can also brose images and prices for samples within each estimate and buy similar products on the Realreal website.

Amanda Sachtleben is an Auckland writer and social media type, who's also Idealog's former tech editor and business journalist.

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