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TimeDock: Keeping time by tablet, not paper

Auckland software company TimeDock is banking on tablets and near field communication (NFC) as an alternative to clocking in card-style.

Companies can install TimeTablets in house, with staff swiping in using a programmable smartcard that includes an NFC chip. Otherwise staff can use MobileTimeClock, an accompanying smartphone app, to ‘clock in’ and work remotely.

Employee time data is sent via wi-fi or a 3G/4G data connection and can be viewed in real time using the TimeDock online portal.

The functionality gets even more big brother with the ability to see where workers clock in, using GPS.

Technical director Le-roy Staines says the company’s aim was to lower the costs associated with traditional timekeeping methods they say are “low and labour intensive”.

Timedock also integrates with payroll systems like MYOB, Quickbooks, iPayroll, Ace Payroll and Crystal Payroll, offering real time payroll data and analytics.

The tablets cost $950, with additional costs for a data option and different annual license options for between 10 users and 50 users (from $600 to $1500). They can also be leased for $149 per month in New Zealand.

The company says it’s already deployed the cloud-based TimeDock system at 300 companies globally. It’s working on additional TimeDock features like work dispatching and facial recognition.

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