App review: Easily done

App review: Easily done
EasilyDo is a hard working personal assistant that can't quite pick up your drycleaning, but does more than many of its competitors.

Not everyone is fortune enough to have a PA to organise everything from coffee meetings to pick up drycleaning.

EasilyDo won't be able to pop down the road and pick up your suit for an awards evening, but the free iOS and Android app helps you with more tasks than many of its competitors.

As a daily organiser, it keeps an eye on the weather so you know what to wear, lets you know how busy the traffic is, gives you directions to meetings and alerts you when you need to leave to make it on time.

Executives who travel can make use of flight tracking functionality, the ability to add a trip itinerary to a calendar and see confirmations for air tickets, accommodation, car rental, restaurant bookings and event dates through services like Eventbrite and Meetup.

You're also assisted to stay social and connected, with scheduled birthday greetings, RSVPs to invites, Facebook updates, photo views and making use of email contacts in LinkedIn or a CRM system.

It's also useful for storing receipts to Evernote, reminding you to pay bills and backing up emails and attached files. The creators said they wanted an elegant and convenient solution and this scores on both counts.

Each item or aspect of organisation is displayed as a card you can click on and manage.

The alerts are also deeply customisable, whether you want to communicate only with certain people or get notices at a particular time or in a certain place. Because this assistant is such a multi-tasker, you'll need to persistence to uncover all the things it can do for you.

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