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App review: Life-changing Moves

Yes, the Moves iOS and Android app is yet another another fitness tracker. But it’s designed to lay bare your daily routines and let you make your own decisions about how you want your to change your life, not rely on the app to motivate or reward you.

Moves is constantly at work, recording the steps you walk, the distance and time you cycle or run and spend using transport each day. It also tracks the calories you burn.

That’s neatly displayed in a colourful timeline, complete with the places you stopped (thanks to Foursquare integration) and your hours spent in the workplace and at home.

You can also see your routes and distances in map view, which offers a window on how far you get each day and how fast.

This app has powerful potential for users who want to be more productive and change their work/life balance. Maybe it’s time to change your schedule if you’re spending an hour drinking coffee or stuck in traffic. Perhaps there’s somewhere closer to the office you could get lunch.

Battery life is the biggest concern for apps that are constantly running, but Moves developer ProtoGeo says you won’t have problems if you charge your phone each night.

You can use your Moves data to get insights from more than 30 other services, including other activity trackers, reward apps, Proves (Moves’ first leaderboard) and Moves History. That catalogue will grow thanks to the open API. 

Amanda Sachtleben is an Auckland writer and social media type, who's also Idealog's former tech editor and business journalist.

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