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MeMINI gets its kickstart, Quebee set for another round

The creators of the MeMINI wearable camera notched their US$50,000 Kickstarter goal in just over a week, having launched it at the recent CES consumer electronics show in the US. The device attaches to the user’s clothing with a new magnetic backing plate and records in a continuous loop of up to five minutes.

They can then press a button to select only the footage they want to keep. Snow Park founder and entrepreneur Sam Lee dreamed it up and has developed it with Teknique co-founder and CEO Ben Bodley and Auckland company Blender Design.

At the time of writing the project had reached nearly $55,000 and 357 backers, and the pair are now working to fulfil stretch goals.

“We’ve had a lot of feedback from our backers and people we’ve talked to at CES about the concept and we want to further refine meMINI,” Lee says.

The team will work to stabilise the product’s design, then produce a run for testing, according to the website. Once it gets Europe and US CE and FCC certification, it plans volume production in April.

Another Kiwi Kickstarter project, the Quebee camera in a cube, secured nearly US$75,000 of the $100,000 it had set its sights on.

“We’ve loved every moment of this campaign. It has brought us close to a bunch of supportive backers, who believe in our vision for a new type of camera: one that captures our important moments with us in them — and even from multiple angles — without us being stuck behind the camera,” the project creators say on their website.

“We’re still flat out on development and we’re taking everything we have learned from this campaign.”

The device is controlled by a smartphone and designed to let users be in their photos instead of being stuck behind the lens.

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