Getting more out of you

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Getting more out of you

New year, new me? Sometimes it's hard to carve out healthy habits for ourselves, particularly when it comes to the realm of business, where the work/life balance can get lost. Toss Grumley breaks down the habits of successful people and how they manage their wellbeing.

Starting up

Hardy Michel is the operations manager at Sharesies, an online investment platform that is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing companies with over 40,000 customers. He has also previously worked with start-ups firsthand at Booktrack, Snowball Effect and Lightning Lab. Here, he shares four things those wanting to work for a start-up should look for in a company.


Bizdojo and CoLo co-founder Lachlan Sloan says the community of people that believe in the power of co-working is diverse, passionate and growing, but as the sector grows in size, the true benefits of it are getting lost as organisations that care less about the community get on board. Here, he shares his frustrations with the current state of the co-working industry and offers some solutions.


Oh, muffin. In case you missed the news this week, Muffin Break Australia's general manager slammed 'entitled' Millennials who no longer want to work for free in order to get ahead in the workplace. Head of content marketing at The Warehouse Group, Cassie Roma shares why doing business with millennials (or any progressive-minded human, for that matter) isn’t hard – it's about putting people before percentages, and heart counts before headcounts.

Idealog + Commtract

In a day and age where communication and perception are so important to businesses, being able to have a communications professional on hand when needed is crucial. Commtract New Zealand managing director Jo de Joux talks how her business is helping connect communications professionals with companies in need of comms support in a specific area of business.

25 Things

Claudia Batten is an entrepreneur who lives in the United States where she’s built several technology companies: Massive Incorporated, which sold to Microsoft, and Victor & Spoils, which sold to global advertising company Havas Worldwide. She’s passionate about technology and creating businesses of the future, working tirelessly with countless New Zealand tech companies as advisor and mentor. She’s spent the last three years working with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise as their North American regional director and is currently a director of Serko (an online travel booking tool) and digital advisor to the board of Westpac New Zealand. In part three, she shares five things she wishes she knew before she started a career in tech.


Practicing mindfulness is a a trend that's gaining momentum, but is it relevant for the workplace? It is if you look at the big players, with Apple, Google and Nike all implementing corporate programmes to create mindful practices with their workers. Sarah Pearce breaks down how this can be achieved on a smaller scale.