A Day in the Life: Humankind founder Samantha Gadd

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A Day in the Life: Humankind founder Samantha Gadd

Samantha Gadd is the founder and managing director of Humankind and a director of its sister company, Kin. Humankind is a consulting business providing expert employee experience and human resource consulting and advice to organisations and government agencies nationwide, while Kin is a talent business focused on reshaping recruitment. Here's how she gets through the day, how she organises her time and how she handles the madness of juggling two businesses.

Wellbeing at work

Wellness is one of the hot topics of 2019, but how do you implement policies that actually, meaningfully, work? Timely founder Ryan Baker says he takes wellness of his staff seriously, as people who are healthy, engaged and motivated will delight customers and make the company more successful. But that’s not the main reason he cares – he says it's looking after the wellbeing of Timely's staff is right thing to do, on a human level. Here, he shares ten tips on how to incorporate wellness into your workplace at a policy level.

Future ready?

The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab founder Frances Valintine reflects on the technological advancements that have happened since 20 years ago, and how much workplaces have transformed in her experience – ultimately, for the better. She also asks the question, what are you waiting for in business? With only 99 days until the year 2020, now is a time to be looking at the past, while also thinking about the future and what ventures you want to tackle.


Work stress and burnout cost US businesses an estimated $300 billion annually, with one in three working Americans reporting they experience excessive pressure on the job. In New Zealand, more than 30 percent of employees state that their level of stress has risen in the past five years, while UK businesses lose 12.5 million productive working days per year due to employees calling in sick caused by work-related stress issues. So how can employees – and employers – empower themselves to stay on top of wellness? One possible solution is mindfulness, Mangawhai-based expert Marisa Garau says. She breaks down three ways to practically use it in the workplace.

Idealog + Creative HQ

Companies often give the directive to work better, work smarter and embrace change. These directives are rarely followed up with how people should do that. One New Zealand company looking to help others with the how and why is Creative HQ. We help companies innovate through proven methodologies that bring structure and discipline to the process.

Idealog + The Common

As an Entrepreneur, Business Owner or Business Leader, have you ever felt like you’re doing it all alone? With the struggle of balancing your workload, your team, feeling overwhelmed, constantly fighting fires, trying to get a good nights sleep, finding time for yourself & your mental & physical wellbeing, trying to find time to spend with your significant other, your family, your friends… It’s bound to feel a bit lonely at the top.


Idealog editor Elly Strang recently spoke at the Magazine Publishers Association conference about the importance of wellbeing in the workplace, and the key takeaways from Wellness Month. She shares why it shouldn't be thought of as a luxury nice-to-have, like yoga classes, as research is showing it impacts on your bottom line, as well as some tips on how to address it in the workplace.

Idealog + Wolf and Fox

New year, new me? Sometimes it's hard to carve out healthy habits for ourselves, particularly when it comes to the realm of business, where the work/life balance can get lost. Toss Grumley breaks down the habits of successful people and how they manage their wellbeing.

Starting up

Hardy Michel is the operations manager at Sharesies, an online investment platform that is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing companies with over 40,000 customers. He has also previously worked with start-ups firsthand at Booktrack, Snowball Effect and Lightning Lab. Here, he shares four things those wanting to work for a start-up should look for in a company.