Rub of the green: our picks for future New Zealand weed brands

Green Rush

Rub of the green: our picks for future New Zealand weed brands

Marijuana has been legalised or decriminalised in a number of countries and states and a whole heap of entrepreneurs and savvy marketers have jumped on the hashwagon. In fact, some commodity traders have called marijuana ‘the next coffee’, such is its potential as a consumer good. In New Zealand, it may not be too long before the same thing happens, with those wacky-backy-loving liberals from Labour close to letting medical marijuana through in some form and a number of local go-getters ready to light the fuse and fly high. It seems like a slippery, smoky, skankin’ slope to a free-market free-for-all (and, according to Family First, the inevitable downfall of society). So, given this likely shift, here are some brands that might soon exist.

Before the laws loosened up in the US, Snoop Dogg was already well known for his love of the Mary Jane. Now he's aiming to profit from his habit with the launch of his new marijuana brand, Leafs by Snoop AKA LBS, which consists of flowers, concentrates and edibles and will be sold in Colorado medical and recreational dispensaries. And it looks pretty classy.