Timely CEO Ryan Baker shares ten wellness policies that actually work

Wellbeing at work

Timely CEO Ryan Baker shares ten wellness policies that actually work

Wellness is one of the hot topics of 2019, but how do you implement policies that actually, meaningfully, work? Timely founder Ryan Baker says he takes wellness of his staff seriously, as people who are healthy, engaged and motivated will delight customers and make the company more successful. But that’s not the main reason he cares – he says it's looking after the wellbeing of Timely's staff is right thing to do, on a human level. Here, he shares ten tips on how to incorporate wellness into your workplace at a policy level.


Timely CEO and co-founder Ryan Baker says businesses who are worried about their employees working 40 hours per week should be more worried about whether their employees are 'unworking', or what has also been dubbed presenteeism: turning up to work when not in a good head space and therefore not being productive with the work they get done, despite putting the hours in. Here, he explains why no one at Timely is required to fill out timesheets, and how he cultivated that trust.

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