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With the increasingly influential iD Dunedin Fashion Week, a host of established and up-and-coming fashion brands basing themselves in the city, and a regular

Dunedin is exploding with new bars, breweries, cafes, restauarants and takeaway spots. From the major redevelopment of Emerson’s Brewery, to the juice bar that

Due to a combination of good luck and good planning, Dunedin’s economy is starting to grow—and diversify—after many years in the doldrums. Caitlin Salter

As well as fostering a start-up culture built on the back of the Gig, Dunedin is also staying true to its indie roots with

After many years in the doldrums, Dunedin’s economy is starting to grow—and diversify. And the experts believe that trend will continue.  

Dunedin has traditionally been thought of as old, cold and full of students. But peek behind the stereotypes and there’s much more to the

Tyranny of distance? Pffffffttt. Architecture van Brandenburg is one of many Dunedin companies that are doing world-class work from the deep south—and technology is

There are a host of reasons to consider a shift to Dunedin. Some recent additions tell us theirs. 

As someone who grew up in Invercargill, spent five formative years expanding/eroding my mind at the University of Otago and, then, after a