Idealog has partnered with Callaghan Innovation to take a look the nature of failure in business – the good, the bad and the unintentionally educational. So we’re asking questions: Is there a stigma, in this country, around ‘failure’? Is it a good thing to ‘fail fast’? Would you be wary investing in start-up run by an entrepreneur with a string of failed businesses?

Interior Design

A nationwide survey of office workers conducted by research agency Perceptive shows that 81 percent of Kiwi office workers believe the physical environment at their workplace has an impact on their happiness and job satisfaction, while nine out of ten workers agree that if they are happy at work, they are more productive.

A significant proportion of Kiwi IT vendors plan to expand in a buoyant market, with employers paying more for candidates of an increasingly strong calibre, recruitment firm Potentia finds in its recent sixth annual Inside IT survey.

More than half of the respondents of this year’s Kea’s Every Kiwi Counts survey to expat New Zealanders earn in excess of $100,000 per year. And yet, more and more of them are feeling the desire to connect with home, even though their earning power would be considerably less in New Zealand.

New Zealanders have significantly increased the amount of data they consume in the last year, with the maturing of online habits and the introduction of new streaming services like Spotify and Quickflix. However, a survey by Canstar Blue shows more than half of us say we're paying far too much for these bits, bytes, and packets of light.