Rush Digital

Most Creative People

Rush Digital's Danu Abeysuriya was one of the People's Choice winners for Most Creative in digital/data for Idealog and Accenture's Most Creative People. Abeysuriya is one of the rare few tech gurus around who can explain big, hairy concepts like computer vision in layman’s terms. He founded his own digital engineering company, Rush Digital, at the tender age of 24 and has since worked with the likes of Microsoft, Samsung and Heineken to bring big creative ideas to life through digital technology. Here, he talks what makes him creative, finding inspiration and where his best ideas come from.

Diversity pays

Gender diversity in tech is a key issue playing out in discussion circles at the moment, but how do companies best implement action around it? Rush founder and CTO Danu Abeysuriya is keen to take steps towards more diversity within the company, and so headed along to the NZTech Women Developing Diversity event held earlier this month. Here are his key gleanings.

Technology Month, brought to you by Springload

As part of Idealog's Technology Month, we've picked the brains of some of the movers and shakers in the industry to find out their favourite tech-related things, their biggest fears for the future and what other companies and individuals inspire their work. Here's Rush Digital founder and chief technology officer Danu Abeysuriya.


The Matrix made hackers cool while The Big Bang Theory made neurotic scientists slightly less weird. And now, it’s the coders’ turn, with the rise of the ‘Hackathon’. One guy wants it to go big – so big it’ll be the “sporting” event of the year for tech nerds everywhere.


By the time he was nine, Danushka Abeysuriya and his family had experienced nick-oftime escapes from not one, but two, war zones. Not surprisingly, this gave him a non-traditional view on risk, and he founded his own game development company at the tender age of 24. Four years later the company has 20 staff and counts Microsoft, TVNZ, Samsung, Heineken and National Geographic among its clients.