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Higher than expected demand, complex installs and plenty of cooks in the kitchen have created some well-publicised issues for consumers wanting fibre. But Vocus

Danu Abeysuriya's company Rush Digital is working on a bunch of crazy (and not so crazy) virtual reality projects for a range of clients

The competition for content is fierce. But Kym Niblock, Lightbox CEO, believes there is room in the New Zealand market for several streaming video-on-demand

They call it the Netflix effect: the impact that millions of binge-watching viewers worldwide are having on everything – from TV drama and digital

Students in Becka Nathan's classroom are watching rap, making Dubsmash videos and retelling the 3 little pigs story, with the wolf as a cyber

If you think Chorus has been sitting still since launching its highly publicisedGigatown campaign, you’d be wrong. The organisation has been gradually rolling out Ultra Fast Broadband

After 20 years building broadband networks, Kurt Rodgers works in the sweet spot where fibre broadband demand meets supply. Think of it as having

Brussels-based Stefaan Vanhastel is an international expert on high-speed fibre broadband. He talked to Nikki Mandow about mobile and fibre, the smart fridge of