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A Day in the Life: Pure SEO's Richard Conway

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A Day in the Life: Pure SEO's Richard Conway

Richard Conway is the founder and CEO of searching engine optimisation company, Pure SEO. He is also on the board of The Well Foundation and the author of a book called How to Get to the Top of Google Search: A Practical SEO Guide. Here's how he gets through the day, how he organises his time and how he practices resilience.

Searching for something?

Richard Conway is a search engine optimisation (SEO) guru and the founder and CEO of Pure SEO, as well as a 2019 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year finalist. Pure SEO recently partnered with Whites Agency in Poland to undertake a comprehensive SEO analysis of New Zealand’s competitive online clothing market. The study used big data and a reverse engineering to analyse the search results, distinguish features of the top ranking websites, and translate the findings into building precise SEO strategies for those hoping to compete within the industry. Here Conway shares some useful insights into SEO search for any business looking to up their SEO game.

SEO tips

Customer journeys online are getting increasingly complex, so what's the go with Google’s new ad products? Are they providing s much more personalised experience than ever before? CEO of Pure SEO and author of How to Get to the Top of Google Search: A Practical SEO Guide Richard Conway shares his key learnings about this from Google Marketing Live 2019, which just a handful of Kiwis attended.

Future ready?

Socialites executive coaching CEO and director of influence Rochelle Sheldon has a good feeling about 2019, but she doesn't just want to just hope that 2019 will be brilliant – she wants to do everything in her power to make sure it is. So, she reached out to some of the most successful people she knows, such as Carmen Vicelich, Cecilia Robinson and Lisa King, to share their goal setting secrets for 2019.


What does a bunch of high flying entrepreneurs do when they get together at Richard Branson's Necker Island? They party of course. Behind the parties are some serious lessons from one of the planet's most intuitive business tycoons, as Pure SEO's founder Richard Conway finds out.