New Zealand Innovation Awards

The past is a foreign country

It may seem like it’s gone on for ages, but 2016 is finally coming to an end. Just keep the champagne away from your screen.

It'll be fine

The economist John Maynard Keynes got plenty right. But one thing he got very wrong was his belief that we would probably all be working 15 hour weeks by now because our material needs would largely be met. Many believe he completely underestimated the competitive nature of humanity and our drive for progress, and over the past month, I saw that first hand as an evaluator for the New Zealand Innovation Awards.

Wish we'd thought of that

The 2016 round of the New Zealand Innovation Awards is open for entries so if you've got an amazing product, service or venture—or you know someone with a great idea who needs to be shoulder-tapped—now's the time to tell your story. And to get you thinking about entering—and to do as we always do and celebrate innovation of all stripes—we're showcasing the best ideas we come across. And this week we're looking at jealousy-inspiring ideas that would fit into the food and beverage category.