New York

Middle management in a large Connecticut bakery wasn't Helen Klisser During's dream job, but she knew what she was doing—priming for her return to Godzone and her parent's company, Vogel's. But when Vogel's was suddenly sold, she reinvented her future as curator and art advisor to New York's elite.


Where might you expect to find Guastavino arches and skylights, coloured glass tile work, and brass chandeliers? It might not sound like a description befitting of an underground New York subway station, but that description about sums up New York City’s famous City Hall Station. But to get there, you need to be in the know.

Derek and Geoff Handley created The Hyperfactory, a high-tech Kiwi business that competes with the world’s best, and in July they sold it for megamillions. Mitchell Hall asks what they’ve learned about entrepreneurship and dreaming big—and why New Zealand needs more like them. Plus: An investor speaks.

Design Competition

Fancy having your design work displayed on a billboard in New York’s Time Square? That could be a reality thanks to an international competition by Tivoli Audio, who is seeking designers, illustrators, and photographers from around the world to prepare a poster to celebrate their 10th anniversary.


If you visit New York, you won’t find many people swimming in the Hudson River, but soon enough, you may just be able to find water enthusiasts splashing about in a custom built pool that floats in the river itself. + Pool is an initiative by a group of architects and designers to build a floating pool in the rivers of New York City.


In New York stalled construction sites lay strewn across the city thanks to the hard bite of the recession. So what’s a cash-strapped construction company to do? Architecture firm Woods Bagot propose a novel solution with their temporary, inflatable buildings called ‘Icebergs’. Fast Company’s Cliff Kuang explores further….