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Kiwi designer features in high-end New York fashion show

The show was organised by model and entrepreneur Jessica Minh Anh, who is famous for turning some of the world’s most iconic venues into elaborate catwalks (including the Eiffel Tower and the Grand Canyon Skywalk). This time, she transformed New York’s Hudson River into a 100-metre-long floating runway through the clever use of a giant glass boat.

The event took place on March 20 where Minh Anh created the illusion of models walking on water by having guests seated facing the multi-faceted glass windows of Bateaux New York, watching the models walk in front of them. The boat cruised along as New York’s famous skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and one World Trade Centre became a natural backdrop for the mobile catwalk.

Jerard, who presented a multi-layered floral and lace collection, joined other international designers including Japanese designer Yumi Katsura, Eastern European representative Lesya Lozneva, Italian handbag designer Gianfranco Lotti and Lebanese designer Tony Ward with a haute couture collection.

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