What'd you get for Christmas? Fans, friends and employees of MediaWorks returned from their beach holidays to find their favourite media behemoth with a new logo. Damien Venuto investigates on the odd design and the odder timing.


In a move that draws parallels with the Radio Network’s recent Classic Hits’ station brand shift, MediaWorks’ More FM has also been busy on the refresh front, unveiling a new look that features a spotted logo and the positioning phrase: “Live it. Love it. Sing it.” According to More FM Network programme director Ande Macpherson, who joined the station in February to help reconnect the brand to its core values, there’s been a disconnect with what More FM actually stood for.


Over the past 18 months adult contemporary music radio station Classic Hits has been the subject of a significant shake up in terms of its musical, advertising and dj line-up. And with those changes now firmly in place, the station has rounded off its makeover with a new logo that’s actually a significant departure from its green and red predecessor that’s been in place since 1993.