Very Tall Poppies

Last night, the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland was humming with pride, aspiration, envy, laser beams and a dash of good-natured jingoism as Kea handed out its World Class New Zealand Awards. As per usual, the recipients’ remarkable careers offered a shot of inspiration for the attendees and made them believe they too were capable of greatness (or, for the less optimistic, made them question their own paltry achievements and bad life choices). Here are some of the key lessons we took away from the talented humans who ventured up on stage.


A recently-released app allows locals and tourists to identify and help protect New Zealand’s endangered kea. A GPS navigator within the ‘Wildlife Tracker’ app means whenever anyone (from a bird enthusiast to a tourist) takes a photo of the endangered kea and uploads it through the app, information is sent to The kea Conservation Trust about when and where the bird was found.