Jenene Crossan


Flossie founder, winner of the 2016 Most Inspiring Individual at NZ Innovation Awards and all-round inspirational New Zealand businesswoman Jenene Crossan was coached by her first investor to never let weakness show, and for 18 years she believed that to be true. However, when she found herself reaching breaking point in one of the most stressful points of her founder career, she decided she needed to restructure her idea of what 'success' looks like. Here, Crossan shares her journey.

Innovation Heroes

As part of the New Zealand Innovation Council’s new video series, Innovation Heroes - Show and Tell, which will focus on eight specific elements required to achieve successful business growth, some of Aotearoa’s best-known innovators share their stories of innovation and inspiration.

Year in Review 2016, brought to you by Kiwibank

In the latest edition of our series asking some of Aotearoa's best-known businesspeople and visionaries to take a step back and offer their insights on how the past year has gone and how the future might unfold, we chat with Flossie founder and 2016 New Zealand Innovation Awards Most Inspiring Individual winner Jenene Crossan.

Vodafone xone innovators series

To mark the arrival of the Vodafone xone business accelerator, Idealog is interviewing heaps of established New Zealand innovators, as well as the founders of the 10 startups selected by Vodafone to receive mentorship, funding and the potential benefits of working with a global network. In this edition, publisher and editorial director Ben Fahy chats with Jenene Crossan, digital evangelist, serial entrepreneur and the winner of the most inspiring individual at last week's New Zealand Innovation Awards.


If you’ve ever been a founder or CEO of a tech start-up you’ll know that a persistent line of questioning from peers when presenting at forums or conferences pertains to the “traits” required to succeed. Success is often seen as a “silver bullet” that if we can just grab hold of an understanding long enough, we’ll be able to shoot it out there and hit our target too.


Jordan Belfort was one of the most crooked and debauched businessmen in recent history, but claims to have reinvented himself as a motivational speaker specialising in sales techniques. Jenene Crossan has a word to the Wolf.