Spotlight on our award-winning Wellington illustrator, Bonnie Brown of Studio Bon

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Spotlight on our award-winning Wellington illustrator, Bonnie Brown of Studio Bon

Bonnie Brown was the winner of the Blunt + Idealog + Generator Umbrella Experiment earlier this year, which saw her design turned into a limited-edition Blunt umbrella that has now successfully sold out. Here, we get to know the freelance illustrator a little better – and find out what her plans are now that she has a product with her design on it under her belt.


Max-o-matic, is a Barcelona-based “illustrator of collage and organised chaos”. He combines vintage magazine clippings, paper waves of colour, digital ltering and erratic, often angry illustration, and his collages alternate between delicate beauty and brash social critique. We asked Max-o-matic about his process, collaborating with commercial partners and the collage renaissance on the internet.

UK-based illustrator Sandra Dieckmann's enigmatic, animal-themed drawings have led to her working with clients such as Random House Publishing, Atomic Skis and Utne Reader, and her illustrations have also appeared on tour posters and magazine covers. Dieckmann will be speaking at the 2013 Semi-Permanent conference in Auckland.

This Sunday saw the inaugural Chromacon illustration and animation convention hit Auckland City, bringing with it a host of talented illustrators, designers and world creators. As someone whose illustration prowess goes only as far as drawing shaky stick figures, I was awed by all the artwork crammed into Aotea Square. Not so awed that I couldn’t ask a few of the illustrators who caught my eye a question or two.

As part of what UK designer Paul Marren calls an "exercise in logo examination", he rebranded a bunch of popular animated shows to look like fashion labels. In short, he gave them a whack with the hipster paintbrush.