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The Kiwi illustrator making waves

He’s a surfer and an artist. With those powers combined, Allan Wrath of Bamboo Studios is seeing his business soar. 

Wrath’s forged a career in illustration with skills he developed from childhood, with a style (like a true wave rider) that’s cool and loose.

He says: “I’ve always been inspired to design a certain way. My work is continually evolving as I try to be innovative and I am inspired by other people, but it’s important to keep your individuality.”

Surf culture is a common theme in his design work, which quickly got him noticed on Instagram – “it works well for me, it’s visual and I’m able to target a certain market” – and soon he was printing t-shirts for the Fiji Surf Association. The t-shirts were given to Kelly Slater and surfers of his ilk at the surf world championships in Fiji. 

Wrath’s design for the Fiji Surf Association featured at the championships

“I tried getting everything about the culture of surfing that has happened from the 70s on,” says Wrath, of the featured design.

He is now in talks with US-based companies Wegener Surf and surf apparel label Folklore Surf. Plans include a clothing range and surfboard graphics design.

Wrath started his online gallery Bamboo Studio in August 2013 and has worked with the New Zealand Herald, fashion label Federation, and real estate agency Bayleys.

He moved to Sydney three months ago, and plans to open a physical store soon. 

Allan Wrath completes a cool wall space at Auckland’s Coffee General

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