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Samantha Gadd is the founder and managing director of Humankind and a director of its sister company, Kin. Humankind is a consulting business providing expert employee experience and human resource consulting and advice to organisations and government agencies nationwide, while Kin is a talent business focused on reshaping recruitment. Here's how she gets through the day, how she organises her time and how she handles the madness of juggling two businesses.

Idealog + Humankind

For many years, human-centred design has been successfully applied to customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX), but Humankind founder Samantha Gadd says it’s about time this kind of thinking is applied to employee experience (EX) too. In light of the Humankind Employee Experience Awards approaching, we have a chat about what kind of audacious change is needed to transform the industry.

Idealog + Humankind

It’s becoming increasingly important for workplaces to both provide and be recognised for a great employee experience. One way that companies in New Zealand can do is the Humankind Employee Experience Awards, which offers in-depth employee insights to showcase some of New Zealand’s greatest places to work. We talk with Humankind CEO Samantha Gadd about the awards, why companies who don’t think about wellbeing in their workplace won’t go far, and more.