Sustainable cities

Unless you’ve been living under a literal rock, have just returned from a long, strange trip in the Messier 81 galaxy and/or have somehow freed yourself after being press-ganged into the service of the Dark Fleet, you’re undoubtedly aware electric vehicles are hot topics – including in Aotearoa. But electric rubbish compactors? They’re now on the road in Auckland. So, what comes next?

Idealog + Hyundai

With more vehicles on the road, infrastructure starting to fall into place and the government stepping up to incentivise the big switch, electric vehicles are finally coming of age in New Zealand. In part one of an ongoing series, we explore the reasons for the rise. 

From rubbish to ravishing

A Lower Hutt-based charity is making waves in the ethical clothing world with its children’s clothing range made from recycled clothing. Earthlink Apparel is trying to reduce the number of perfectly useable textiles clogging up landfills.


Toyota’s leadership in making the environment a core management priority, while also engaging in a meaningful way with audiences around the world, has seen the company take out the top spot in Interbrand’s 'Best Global Green Brands' 2011 report, which ranks the top 50 ‘green’ brands with a global presence. But some of the very brands that ranked highly in environmental sustainability performance lagged behind when it came to public perception of their performance, suggesting many companies have a way to go when it comes to communicating their corporate social responsibility efforts.


Last week Empire State Building owner Anthony Malkin addressed attendees at the Green Property Summit in Auckland on the merits of retrofitting existing commercial building stock versus the construction of new green buildings. And in continuation with that theme comes this article from Triple Pundit which looks at a growing movement in the U.S. that asks the question: Why not reuse the old building instead of building a new one? The catch phrase amongs preservationists is now: “The greenest building is the one already built.”

Urban Architecture

The 220,000 square meter pedestrian-oriented Linked Hybrid complex in Beijing was designed as a means of countering the numerous privatised urban developments in China, and at the same time, encouraging interactive relationships in public spaces.

Green architecture/design

New Zealand’s first 6 Green Star – Office Design building, the Geyser, is set to be completed next year. But you don't have to wait until 2011 for a sneak peak.