Before/after: The reimagining of Auckland’s Harbour Bridge


Before/after: The reimagining of Auckland’s Harbour Bridge

The New Zealand Transport Agency has unveiled its design for a walking and biking pathway across Auckland Harbour Bridge. The path is similar to the design of the existing bridge shape, level with the roadway and five metres in width. But this is no new idea – as early as 1946, the Royal Commission proposed a harbour crossing with a ‘footpath and cycle-track’ included. This idea was not picked up, and the Auckland Harbour Bridge opened in 1959 to accommodate just cars after four years of construction. Sixty years later, this walking and cycling track may finally come to fruition.

Idealog + Engineering New Zealand

Engineering New Zealand’s ENVI Awards has opened for entries, but this is no stuffy industry awards programme. Instead, the ENVIs aim to award the creativity, innovation and diversity happening in the industry, as well as the visionaries that are shaping New Zealand’s future. This will help tackle a key issue the industry is facing – a skills shortage – by showcasing the dynamic and exciting projects the sector has to offer to the incoming generation entering the workforce. Engineering New Zealand partnerships manager Bryony Lane has a chat about the awards, new categories and how those in the start-up, tech and creative sectors should also think about entering.

STEAM power

If we want to become a more competitive economy, focusing on the arts as well as science, technology, engineering and mathematics – a STEAM, not STEM, approach – is worth considering, says WeCreate chair Paula Browning.