In order to be creative, we need to get vulnerable


In order to be creative, we need to get vulnerable

PHD business director ​Amber Conroy asks, how do we continue to evolve our creativity and ideas at the same rate as the industry we work in? The answer, as vulnerability and shame researcher and TEDX speaker Brené Brown says, is vulnerability – the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.

Wellbeing Month

When the Christchurch attacks unfolded earlier this year, prime minister Jacinda Ardern was praised around the world for her empathetic leadership style. But how does this same style of leadership apply to business leaders? Leadership expert and keynote speaker ​Daniel Murray discusses how businesses can discover the concept of strategic empathy, and in turn, realign their commercial objectives and develop a culture that contributes to a more inclusive world.


The world’s biggest companies are on a quest to make their artificial intelligence assistants empathise with the human condition, from Google’s AI assistant, to Apple’s Siri, to Microsoft’s Cortana. But the woman at forefront of Google’s Empathy Lab, Nike and Apple design alumni Danielle Krettek, doesn’t want to give AI a literal human face. She says the technology industry is chasing a false grail if it thinks creating ‘humanoids’ is the best way forward for humanity. Instead, her work is focused on researching the quirks that make us human and designing intuitive technology that complements us, rather than imitating us. On a trip to Vivid Sydney, Elly Strang had a chat to Krettek about bringing emotions to the fore of design and tech, whether machines will ever feel empathy, and more.